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You know what’s more time consuming than a child?  An English Bulldog!  There’s a reason English Bulldogs are by far the cutest, cuddliest and funny pups around; they require loads of work and attention!  I’m a full-time working mom that cares for a tornado version of a tiny human, a high maintenance English bulldog and let’s not forget my husband too!  Every week as I cross one chore off my list, it seems like two more get added!

Erin is now four and needs to start carrying her weight around the house, after all, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.”  Erin is an only (human) child and I fear that we are spoiling her…ok I know we are spoiling her!  The hubs and I decided that she needs to start doing some chores around the house, but how do you get a four-year-old to do chores and keep it fun?  For us the answer was simple, give her something to do relating to Harvey.

Here are a few tips/tricks to get your child to help with chores:

  1. Find something that will keep them interested.

Erin adores Harvey, to keep her interested in the chore at hand I had it revolve around him.  I explained to Erin that I needed her help to pick out a healthy and tasty dog food for Harvey.  Erin immediately showed interest.  She started blabbing away about how it’s important to eat healthy and not eat junk food, unless of course, you’ve eaten your dinner then you can have one Oreo.

  1. Have them do the heaving lifting, literally!

Grocery shopping with a four-year-old should be considered a cardio workout.  Upon entering our local Stop & Shop, Erin dashed away to her favorite aisle, 11 aka “The Harvey” aisle.  When I finally caught up with her, she was standing in front of a bag of dog food.  She said, “Mommy, here’s the healthy food for Harvey”.  Erin picked out Nature’s Recipe grain-free salmon, sweet potato and pumpkin flavored dog food.

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To keep Erin on track with her chore I asked her to carry the bag to the check-out line…she did a pretty good job!

And finally,

   3. Make sure it’s fun

Erin, was very eager to get home and feed Harvey.  She wanted to help with everything from opening the bag, filling Harvey’s water bowl and finally scooping the food into his bowl.  She did a great job and was sure to tell Harvey all about her experience buying it in the grocery store for him.



Harvey’s skin has always felt and appeared the best when he eats grain free.  Grain-free foods also give him the most energy so he can play outside and try to keep up with Erin.  We live in the suburbs of New York and finding a decent grain-free dog food locally is not always the easiest task.  A trip to a specialty pet store is usually required, the closest being around 20 minutes away.  Therefore, the ability to buy a high-quality grain-free dog food in our local Stop & Shop is a huge benefit and time saver for me.

Harvey is a picky eater, eating in intervals throughout the day.  Tonight, he ate the entire bowl immediately.  It was a shock to see him devour this bowl of food so quickly.




All in all, this simple little chore kept Erin occupied while she had fun.  Not only did Harvey love his new food but 20 minutes later he was outside running around with Erin.  It fueled his wag!  For the first time in forever, Harvey wore out Erin!