We’re Back!!  Believe it or not, I’ve gotten several messages asking if I still had a blog!  The answer is yes I do and I agree with all two of you that I need to update it more!  So here it goes…

For the first time in forever (bonus points if you can name that Disney song or the movie it’s from) my company had summer hours!  It was fabulous, it gave me extra time to spend with my family on the weekend.

Our summer was pretty laid back.  Sean and I worked per usual and Erin spent most days at my parents’ house doing fun activities.  Erin also turned 4 this summer and it’s still hard for me to comprehend that my baby is now a full-time preschooler.


Besides celebrating Erin’s birthday this summer, Erin and Harvey also





 And Played


I know I know, exciting stuff!  Now you understand why I haven’t blogged all summer!  Our lives appear to be forming somewhat of a routine and an earlier bedtime for Erin, YAY.  With this new found free time I may start blogging more; Fall TV is coming back next week tho so maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe not!


Happy Fall Y’all