I love a good challenge!  I’m a child of the 80s, therefore I consider a challenge to be a contest or a competition in which you are trying to win or push yourself to the limits for a prize or for your own self-satisfaction.

These “millennials” (I refuse to categorize myself as one, even though technically I am one, 1982) are taking the challenge game to a whole new level on social media.  Because if you didn’t post it, did it even happen?!

There have been some pretty ridiculous challenges on social media that it seems people create in hopes that their videos will go viral and become instant millionaires (FYI the money is not that great in the viral video world).  For instance, there have been the idiotic, Hot Pepper Challenge, Cinnamon Challenge, and the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge.  Why people do the above challenges is unfathomable to me unless the end game is to embarrass yourself.

Not all challenges are dumb and pointless.  A few noteworthy challenges like the ALS Ice bucket challenge, Movember, and the 22 push up challenge all helped to bring awareness to and/or raise money for some great causes.  These are the types of challenges I like and end up donating to or helping to spread the message.

And finally there are challenges that are just good, wholesome entertainment such as the ever popular Mannequin Challenge.  Which (finally) brings me to the point of this blog. I stumbled upon another challenge that falls into this category so much so that I found myself up until almost midnight (for a mom with a preschooler  who gets up at 5am, this is late) just double tapping my way through videos.  It’s the “Squat Your Dog Challenge.”

I love dogs and working out so this seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to finally participate in a challenge!  One small problem: my entire Instagram and social media existence revolves around Erin and Harvey!  How could I get the two of them to participate in this challenge?  There was no way Erin would be able to squat let alone lift 70lb Harvey.  Luckily enough we happened to have numerous “stuffed” English bulldog toys.  Erin decided she would squat her stuffed toy dog “Rubble” and I would squat Harvey.

So here it is our full video of our #squatyourdogchallenge.  BTW, all I did was ask Erin to tell everyone we were doing the “squat your dog challenge” she made up the intro by herself, oh and yes, she is wearing high heels 🙂


If you did this challenge mention me on your comments so I can watch!