Blogging, seriously what was I thinking.  At first it seemed like a great idea until I realized how time consuming it can become.  Clearly, I love to share my Erin and Harvey stories and anecdotes.  However, I’d much rather take pictures and videos and post on Instagram with a witty hashtag. But for reals, coming up with new, intriguing and creative blogs all the time #aintnobodygottimeforthat.  And if you couldn’t tell by my writing, I’m an Engineer.  “English” class and grammar were never really my thing, so seriously thanks for sticking with me.

My last post was two months ago!  Sorry to anyone that actually follows this blog regularly, I know there are 2 of you out there!  Let me catch you up to what’s been going on in the crazy life of Erin and Harvey….Not much.

Sean and I both work full-time and Erin goes to full day preschool two times a week.  When Erin isn’t in preschool, my parents have her signed up for swimming, karate and an arts-n-crafts class.  Oh and let’s not forget that my little protégé has snoopy soccer on Saturdays too.

While all this is going on, Harvey is doing what he does best…no not farting, sleeping!

That pretty much sums up what our April, May and beginning of June consisted of.  Hopefully with the summer months coming up we will have some more exciting posts to share!

Oh and if you didn’t catch this little gem of a video on my Instagram check it out now!  #Parentoftheyear