Let’s be honest, at one point or another we’ve all chowed down on a tube of raw cookie dough straight from the fridge.  I’ve always been told that the raw eggs in cookie dough put you at risk for getting salmonella.  Despite this warning, I’ve never heard of someone actually getting sick from eating raw cookie dough.

Thanks for keeping it real Romy

If you claim to have never licked the spoon, whisk, or mixer while making cookies or brownies, I’m going to have to call you a straight up liar!  You really have to have some serious willpower to not even give your cookie dough or brownie batter a little taste test before baking.  And if you are a complete fat girl at heart like myself and your recipe calls to make 12 cookies, by the time the cookie sheet gets into the oven you only have enough dough to make 4!  Whoopsie.

Against my better judgment, I follow a Facebook page called “Insider Food.”  A little over a month ago, I saw a video featuring an edible cookie dough shop in NYC called “Do.”  They serve cookie dough straight out of a bowl, just like ice cream!  I live about 45 miles North of NYC, so I could literally hop in the car and be downtown within an hour, or five, depending on traffic.  Luckily for me, when I saw the video I was about 2 weeks into an 8 week weight-loss challenge at my gym, so this treat was completely off limits.  What’s even worse than following Insider Food is now I also follow ‘Do’, @cookiedonyc on Instagram and get daily reminders of all the delicious flavors of cookie dough I am missing out on.  Because, self-torture.

I started tagging my gym coach on every ‘Do’ post and soon she was in fat girl heaven just like me, salivating over every post.  This weight loss challenge was not only an individual but also a team challenge and our coach was trying to lose weight as well (not because she needs to but because she competes in Olympic weightlifting and had a meet coming up.)  My coach decided that once the weight loss challenge was over and our team was victorious, we would have a cheat meal and go get us some cookie dough!  And who am I to argue with my coach?

Thankfully, my team won the weight loss challenge and we planned our trip to NYC to get us some cookie dough.  By this time, the Insider Food video had gone seriously viral and every social media and actual news outlet was featuring this cookie dough shop.  We knew it would be a mob scene there, but we were confident that our newfound muscles and strength could help us elbow our way through the crowds and throw down some bitches if necessary. 😉

The cookie dough day was upon us!  We got downtown and on line at 9:45am since the shop opened at 10:00am.  There was a line half a city block long, which from what I had seen on the shop’s Instagram stories, didn’t seem too bad.  By 10:30am we were in the shop and placing our orders.  I ordered 3 scoops in a cup, sugar cookie, s’mores, and brownie batter.  I also purchased a sample pack, brookie and a Nutella stuffed cookie cup to take home, to share, if my family was lucky.

The cookie dough definitely lived up to its hype!  It was delicious, but oh so rich!  I do not recommend getting 3 scoops.  Maybe get 1 scoop to eat immediately and then make your own sample box; this way you can taste each flavor and not have a massive sugar hangover by 2pm.

And when do I ever not include Erin and Harvey?  Of course they loved it just as much as their mama!