Not sure why, but the perfect Christmas Card Family Photo is always on the top of my priority list come the end of every year.

Disclaimer: The photos you are about to see have ZERO resemblance to our actual lives.

You’d think that by this stage in Erin and Harvey’s lives, they would be pros when it comes to getting “the shot.”  Alas, they are not. After each photo shoot, I feel like I owe their photographer, Erin Witkowski Photography, 100 times what she charges because believe me she deserves it! 

Planning for photo shoot is the fun part.  Erin W. and I usually start texting each other with pictures of outfits, ideas, and locations.  The next thing we think about is containment. Containing a child and dog is the key when it comes to a photo shoot, particularly with Erin and Harvey.  Getting them into a chair, box, etc., usually helps the shoot go much more smoothly.  Or like this year, we had to contain them in an adorable VW Beetle. 

Most of the time, Sean and I opt out of the photo shoots.  During the shoots I’m usually standing behind Erin W. with a ton of treats for Harvey and bribing Erin to smile with some sort of sugary deliciousness.  By the end of a shoot, both Erin W. and I are exhausted and dripping sweat, so the thought of doing a family shoot just never seems realistic.  This year, however, we decided (or rather, I decided) that it would be a family shoot, but of course mainly focusing on Erin and Harvey.  I actually wanted a Christmas Card this year with our entire family and not just Erin and Harvey.

Shockingly, this year’s Christmas Shoot wasn’t too difficult.  There were very few tears, but mostly cooperation from both Erin and Harvey.  I forgot to mention that Erin W., our amazingly talented photographer, did this shoot 9 months pregnant!  I am just in awe of her and her talent in every way possible and thank her from the bottom of my heart for these beautiful memories she has captured.  

 And what would a photo shoot be without some outtakes!

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