I’m always so eager for the first snow of the season.  There’s just something so magical about waking up to see the outside covered in a white fluffy blanket of snow.  Seeing the first snow of the season always brings me back to my childhood and the countless hours that were spent outside sledding, building snowmen, and playing “King of the Mountain.” What’s even better about the first snow of the season now is I get to see that same eagerness and excitement through Erin and Harvey.

Harvey despises the rain, I believe he is under the impression that if a single solitary rain drop touches his skin he will melt.  Therefore, it’s understandable that I was completely taken aback when, as a 5 month old puppy, he absolutely loved the snow!  He would run and roll around in the snow for hours.  I don’t ever think I have seen a living being so happy in my entire life.  I also found out that Harvey loves to eat the snow, which eventually lead to vomiting snow.  Regardless, every snow he enjoys himself to the fullest!

Erin’s first experience with snow happened when she was about 6 months old.  At first I believe she was skeptical as to WTF I was doing to her.  Bundling up a 6 month old in a snowsuit complete with hat, mittens and boots is not the easiest task in the world.  At 6 months, Erin was a chubby, wiggly, determined little baby. Forcing her into something she clearly didn’t want to be in was loads of fun!

Erin’s second snowfall actually occurred on my 32nd birthday.  What better way to celebrate your birthday than taking your daughter sledding for the first time!  Based on this photo, I’d say she was still a little unsure of the cold and snow.

By the end of Erin’s first winter, just like Harvey, she absolutely loved the snow!  Especially being submerged waistdeep in it!

Sometimes I actually throw on my big girl pants and try to become a responsible parent.  It doesn’t happen quite as often as it should, but there are certain situations when you just have to put your foot down.

We moved into our new home in December of 2014 and soon after came our first snow of the season.  It was freezing, well below 20 degrees, with a blistering wind.  There was no way I was letting Erin out to play in this weather.  As any good parent does, I tried to reason with an 18 month old and explain the situation. I told her if it warmed up later or tomorrow we could go out and play.  Erin wasn’t having it.

If you’ve learned anything by following my blog and Instagram account you know that I love taking photos. I wish I had more free time to pursue photography as a hobby, but bills.  Therefore, each post I make will always have as many photos and videos that I can find on the subject at hand.  If you are still reading please keep on scrolling through to see all the good times Erin and Harvey have had in the snow!

Erin’s 1st time walking in the snow!


And then there was that time we tried to have Harvey pull Erin on the sled, FAIL!

Seriously, look how happy this guy is


Thanks for reading all the way to the end!  I hope we get to make more snow memories this year!

xoxo Katie