Holy Crap, Erin and Harvey are going to be on National Television!  This is it, my their big break.  My dreams of being a Stay-At-Home English Bulldog Breeder (where I keep all the puppies) might actually become a reality.  This is what I THOUGHT would happen before we filmed for the TV show, HARRY, back in September.

Unfortunately this TV show was brand new so there were no episodes I could show Erin to get her excited for the big day.  We did talk about it a lot and she even made up a super cute song and dance about going to be on TV!  She sang and danced around the house for two weeks doing this.

I thought for sure this little girl was going to be a hit and do something super adorable during filming that would then get picked up by media outlets all over the country.  Cha-ching!

If you read my post, Lights, Camera, Mop Please you know that Erin completely froze and barely said one word to Harry during our segment.  As promised, I was finally able to get a digital copy of the episode, here is our segment in its entirety.

There were another two minutes that were cut where Harry sang even more to Erin and tried to get some answers out of her.  But she just kept shaking her head “Yes” whenever he asked a question. (Sidenote:  since the taping of this segment I have lost another 20 lbs.  It would have been nice to be skinnier on TV, oh well maybe ELLEN will call someday and I’ll Erin will have another shot).


To this day, I’m still shocked at the amount of followers we have on Instagram and even the number of people that read my stories on this blog.  It really is such an uplifting part of my day to read all the lovely comments on my Instagram and here (not other social media pages on facebook, those trolls are brutal).

Thank you all for following us and sharing your stories too!