Now that the Presidential Election is over, we can get back to more serious issues like, dog birthdays!  The only decision you have to make is whether you will celebrate the day or not.  If you’re a crazy bulldog lady, like myself, the decision is quite obvious, you celebrate!

I grew up without a dog or any pet for that matter (apparently I was highly allergic, nice try MOM).  Until I had my own dog, I never quite understood the human/dog relationship.  Some might say I still don’t!  In all seriousness, I consider Harvey my baby as much as I do Erin.  If you read my last post, Pumpkidding, you know that I make every effort to go all out for whatever crazy idea may be brewing in mind.

It may come as no surprise, that once a baby enters your life, they require most if not all of your attention.  Your world suddenly becomes all about them.  Slowly as the baby gets older, you hope to regain a little of the life you used to have, maybe even have a conversation or two that doesn’t involve baby schedules or color and consistency of poop.  Making your marriage work, keeping friendships and still being a functional member of society may become a challenge during this new phase of your life.  Notice how I haven’t even mentioned Harvey yet!

I didn’t want Harvey to feel left out once we had Erin.  I wanted to try and include him in as much as possible in hopes that he wouldn’t grow to resent Erin or us for that matter.  From day one we never kept Erin off limits and let him be around her at all times.  I was actually shocked at how well Harvey adapted to having Erin around.  For the first couple of weeks Harvey would just follow me around all the time when I had Erin.  Wherever I sat or took her, there he was.  He really was being such a great boy.  He would lay in front of her swing or rock n play for hours either sleeping with her or keeping a watchful eye on her.  If given the opportunity Harvey also loved to get a good sniff of Erin and lick her toes or fingers.

People have shared their horror stories with me about dogs starting to act resentful after a baby is brought home.  I’ve heard of dogs starting to peeing everywhere when they never used to, destroying household items and anything else they can get there paws or mouths on.  I was more than pleased with Harvey’s acceptance of Erin as he was about to turn 2 years old! I didn’t want to let Harvey’s day just come and go without showing him how much we love and appreciate him.

For Harvey’s 2nd birthday, I wanted to try and make it a little bit more special just so he knew how much we still loved him and considered him our baby.  I spent a couple days searching online to find out what kind of cake dogs love the most.  You’d be surprised how many blogs and articles there are about homemade cakes for your dog’s birthday and whether or not they liked it.  I finally decided on a cake mixture of flour, eggs, peanut butter, honey and shredded carrots.  The frosting was a combination of egg whites and cottage cheese.

As always, I got as many members of the family together as I could, we sang to Harvey, gave him and Erin party hats and let him devour his cake.  No surprises here, but he absolutely loved it!



For Harvey’s 1st Birthday (pre Erin) I baked a cake in the shape of a #1 and made a peanut butter, honey, yogurt frosting.  He loved it, but had the “runs” for days after!




Birthday 3 for Harvey involved a homemade pumpkin cake that he absolute loved as well.  Erin not so much.



Harvey’s 4th Birthday I got lazy and the night of his birthday stopped quick and picked up store bought, cupcakes!   I know, bad dog mommy.  In the end neither Erin or Harvey complained about.


For Harvey’s 5th Birthday I got my shit together and made a homemade golden oreo cake (Sidenote:  Don’t give dogs super sugary cakes, it took poor Harvey a week before he was “Normal” again).



So am I crazy here, or do any of you celebrate your dog’s birthdays too?!?  Here’s hoping to celebrate many many more birthdays with Harvey!