While I was home on Maternity Leave 3.5 years ago, if I wasn’t changing diapers, cleaning spit-up, or trying to catch up on sleep, I was watching The Ellen Show.  She’s funny, has great guests, and is always sharing hilarious, adorable baby and animal pictures.  Watching her show was the first time I saw a baby in a pumpkin or as I will refer to it as “Pumpkidding”.  Obviously, I HAD TO do this to Erin.  She was about 4 months old at the time and I had convinced myself I would get her picture on Ellen’s show.

My good friend @stamfordmommy and I had our babies weeks apart from each other, therefore we were always mommy-venting to each other, comparing stories, and asking each other for newborn advice, all while trying to keep our shit together.  We both decided we were going to “Pumpkid” our babies.  Unfortunately my story of Pumpkidding Erin is very uneventful, but not Stamfordmommy’s.  Check out what happened to her during her first and last Pumpkidding.

In hindsight, as a newly sleep-deprived hot mess mom, I have no idea why I went through all the trouble of planning to Pumpkid Erin.  Once I get an idea in my head, I almost always have to follow through on it no matter how preposterous.

For Erin’s very first Pumpkidding, I had to go all out.  Finding the perfect pumpkin, carving out her name, making sure that the inside had completely dried out and didn’t have any remaining pumpkin guts.  The end result…she absolutely loved it!




Social Media is great for sharing ideas, crafts, and stories with other parents.  That being said, certain photos on social media can make me feel less-than-creative in the mom department.  For instance, after I had Erin, I saw the feed of a women who featured a time-lapse video compiling photos that documented her entire pregnancy. Damn, why I didn’t do that?  Or when Erin was 2, I saw another video where the parents took the same photo every day of their baby’s first year of life.  The video is just so precious it’s nauseating.  I was tired of seeing all these genius ideas and great keepsakes people were developing, so I decided to create my own photo tradition which brings me back to pumpkidding.

I thought, how funny (or absolutely ridiculous if you think like my mom) would it be to pumpkid Erin for 18 years?  Like I mentioned previously, once the idea is in my head, it’s really hard for me to move on without acting on it.  This was the perfect tradition to create- I didn’t have to be meticulous about taking a photo every day (who has the time!), or in the same spot, or with Erin wearing the same outfit.  I could simply just search for a very large pumpkin every year and take one photo.

Erin’s 2nd year of Pumpkidding did not go as smoothly, but that’s what makes documenting this stupid Genius idea so much fun!



Year 3 wasn’t much different!





Torture your kid enough into doing something and eventually they will like it!  BTW, I’m totally killing it in the parenting department.  This is Erin’s 4th Halloween of Pumpkidding and she’s loving it again!





Let’s see how long I can keep this tradition going!  And keep your fingers crossed that one day we make it on The Ellen Show