About 8 weeks ago I received a random email that read, “I’m a TV producer in NYC and I’d love to chat if you’re interested.”

It was an email that gave no indication of any particular network or show, but I thought…what if it’s actually legit?  I told my husband about it and, as all protective dads and husbands would reply, he said DO NOT RESPOND. So naturally, I waited a day and when curiosity got the best of me, I replied to the email, “Absolutely.”

Turns out the producer was from Harry Connick Jr.’s new daytime Talk Show, Harry.  NBD. She explained they were looking for guests from viral videos to include in the show.  She had seen a couple of our videos on Facebook and Instagram and wanted to know if they could air our videos on the show and join them in studio for a few questions with Harry. GASP! She sent me a list of questions to answer before we spoke. I can’t be certain but I’m pretty sure she chose us to for the show because to her question “If you could ask Harry Connick Jr. one question, what would it be?” my reply was obviously “Why did you cheat on Grace?!”

I’m going to skip all the boring stuff and shear panic that happened between somehow keeping this a secret from everyone and the day of the taping, which was September 14, 2016 at CBS Broadcasting Studios on W 57th Street in NYC.

It was so hot, humid and muggy when we arrived.  Because why would the weather cooperate with perfectly curled hair and fresh TV makeup? We walked into the lobby and were told we needed to use the freight entrance because…bulldog, which required going back outside and walking another 3 city blocks of humid, fresh sewer-scented death.  By the time we got upstairs to our green room, Harvey was panting and foaming at the mouth.  Thankfully, the staff was so nice and welcoming and brought Harvey a large bowl of ice water.  He downed it and then wanted more (this will be relevant later, stay tuned).

Our green room was quite small and in it we jammed 4 adults, a toddler and an English Bulldog.  As we snacked on the sandwiches, fruit and beverages provided in our room, we watched the live feed of recordings and rehearsals in the studio. First up, Emma Roberts was filming her segment…NBD.  The green rooms are on the 3rd floor and the studio is on the 2nd floor, so even if we weren’t watching the TV we knew when a segment was beginning or ending by hearing and feeling the band’s music. Cue Erin cheering along each time she heard the audience clapping at the end of a segment.


Luckily for us we had an amazing producer and the 3rd floor staff allowed Erin to let out her toddler energy by running laps in the hallway.  At one point the producers asked everyone to clear the hallways because there was a huge surprise celebrity guest, unbeknownst to Harry, and they needed to keep it as big of a secret as they could.  After the celebrity left to go back downstairs to surprise Harry, our producer told us it was CAROL BURNETT, Ms. FREAKIN’ Hannigan!  If you’re a child of the 80s, you most likely LOVED the movie Annie, perhaps watched it over and over again and still know the words to all the songs…am I right? No chance I’m the only one here! I couldn’t believe that Carol Burnett was in the same building as us, let alone only a green room awayyyy!

I digress.  Erin and I were brought to hair and makeup for touchups, then back to our green room.  On the walk back we bumped into another guest in the hallway who my producer knew and they began chatting up a storm. I had seen this girl somewhere before so without being too creepy I kept staring, trying figure out where she was from.  It turns out, it was Sara Haines, one of the new co-hosts of The View! Again, NBD! She asked who Erin was and talked to her for awhile. She was so sweet and even showed us pictures of her dog and baby on her phone. Good to know we’re not the only ones obsessed with documenting babies & dogs!


Now, it was almost time for our segment to tape.  Gah! We were hanging out in the hallway again and our producer asked us to come back into our room as a huge crowd got off the elevator.  As I dragged Harvey into the room, Erin was still lingering in the hall so my friend Janine said “Erin please come in the room with us.”   I turned around as I heard Carol Burnett ask, “Who’s Erin?” Heart stoppage.  I picked Erin up and blurted out, “We Love you Ms. Hannigan!!” She laughed and told me I was way too young to know who Ms. Hannigan was (unfortunately I am not) and told us one of her daughters was also named Erin.  HOLY CRAP, we talked to Carol Burnett!!! #Anniesquadgoals moment captured here:


We finally made our way down to the 2nd floor.  Harvey was a huge hit!  Everyone kept coming over to hug and pet him and to talk to Erin.  Harvey absolutely loved every minute of it.  We then got a 2 minute warning about going into the studio. I’m all smiles, taking deep breaths, ready for my babies to make their television debut…and I glance over at Harvey who is in full squat mode, peeing on the carpet.  I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t think about jumping underneath him and catching it in my hands. I mean, Carol Burnett’s shoes will be touching this same carpet! But if you have a dog you know, there’s no stopping one mid-pee. I was mortified to say the least but security didn’t escort us out and Harry Connick Jr. didn’t see it either, so let’s consider it a win that this was the least of the damage we caused on set.  (Sidenote: We had tried to take him outside to pee about an hour before but since he doesn’t know how to pee on concrete, he refused to go!) So just like that, Harvey left his mark on CBS Broadcasting Center. Which I think is basically like having a star on the walk of fame in dog world.


The music started to play and we were rushed in and brought to our seats in the 2nd row.  Harry came over and said a quick hi to us (swoon). They started rolling the BuzzFeed Video of Erin and Harvey as Harry narrated it.  Yes you read that right- Harry Connick Jr. narrated a story about my life (ok that’s pushing it but you get me). He then came back over to us to ask a few questions about their relationship.  In true toddler form, Erin completely froze and would only shake her head yes or no. This by the way, is the same child who will sing ‘Let It Go’ until the wee hours of the night, but of course when Harry Connick Jr. asks her a simple question…zippo, zilch, nada. Harry tried to get her to talk and ended up serenading her with Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, which maybe she’ll appreciate when she’s 15 and watches Hope Floats.  It was adorable, he was so nice and let’s be honest, easy on the eyes.

Overall this was such a fun experience and I’ve been dying to share it with all of you.  I have to admit I had about 10-15 panic attacks thinking about getting through this day with a toddler and a bulldog in tow, but we made it and we’d do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you to the Harry show staff for being so kind and accommodating.

Oh and Harry gave Erin and Harvey a best friend necklace and collar as a gift. How adorable is this??



If you read all the way to the end, thank you!  I know this was a long post.  Has anyone else had a similar experience with celebrities or being on TV?!?!