My cousin Jim and his fiancé asked Erin to be the flower girl in their wedding.  I was so excited and began searching for dresses, shoes, hair pieces, etc.  I love this kind of stuff.  Erin didn’t seem to be nearly as excited as I was, probably because she didn’t know what it meant.  Every once in a while I would start a conversation with Erin about being a flower girl and what she would do at the wedding.  I was pretty sure she understood and would do a good job.

Every day when I get home from work, after picking up Erin at my parents, we usually spend about 20 minutes outside playing.  Erin became obsessed with picking flowers (they were actually weeds, but she would call them flowers).  She would do this EVERY damn day and then say “I a flower girl” and twirl around.  It was super cute but not what a flower girl actually does.

As any parent does nowadays, I relied on YouTube to show Erin videos of flower girls and ring bearers (or bears according to Erin) and what they do at weddings.  She began to like the videos and wanted to start practicing, because practice makes perfect, right?

Erin loved prancing around the house with baskets full of all sorts of different things and pretending to drop them as flowers down on aisle.  The video below is three nights before the wedding where we decided to use Erin’s Halloween basket filled with cheerios.  Harvey was a huge fan of this!

The day of the wedding arrived.  Erin began to act really shy when we showed up to meet the bridal party for pictures.  She had never met the ring bearer and was refusing to leave my side.  She didn’t get in any bridal pictures as her nails were dug into my neck holding on for dear life.  Luckily I brought my camera and was able to get her to smile and pose for me.






The big moment was upon us, would she or wouldn’t she walk down the aisle?!?!  She wouldn’t.  Erin refused to go down the aisle.  I ended up picking her up and we walked in together.  The poor ring bearer was so confused but ended up doing a great job going down the aisle solo.

Once the reception started Erin did a 180 and became the life of the party and danced the night away!



Has your dog or toddler been a ring bearer or flower girl?  We’d love to hear about it and see pictures!!!