I love the Olympics.  I value patriotism and love to support my country and our athletes, also I love competition.  As a former Division I athlete, I think part of me is trying to relive the glory days (Glory Days).  I was really looking forward to watching Women’s Soccer and seeing if Kerri Walsh could win gold without Misty May. (Spoiler Alert: I’m still upset and inconsolable by both of these losses).

The Monday after the opening ceremonies I heard my favorite morning radio show talking about the Olympics.  They asked the question, if you were in the Olympics what would it be for, what are you really good at?  My answer would be soccer, I’m no Hope Solo (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing anymore), but it’s the sport I was best at before I started my engineering career.

This got me thinking, what are Erin and Harvey really good at?  Harvey could easily win the gold medal in Sleeping, Eating, Farting and Pooping, seriously!


However, he also loves to be touching someone at all times, especially when he sleeps and requires being pet about 50 times a day.  In the end I ended up awarding Harvey with a Gold Medal in cuddling.


Erin on the other hand is a toddler and can be very unpredictable.  Whenever I say the word toddler I always think in my head of the definition I read from Urban Dictionary:

“Tiny bi-polar humans under the age of 3, who can swing rapidly between endearingly cute antics and screaming, kicking, biting fits of rage.  Completely unpredictable and often unintelligible lovable little walking blessings/nightmares”

Mainly Erin is ridiculously cute and well behaved…….for everyone but me!  It seems whenever I am the only adult present Erin throws insane tantrums and takes being overdramatic to a whole new level.  I kid you not, last night she threw herself on the kitchen floor and became inconsolable because I gave her chocolate milk and it was NOT in her ELSA cup!  I awarded Erin a gold medal in being Overdramatic.  Erin’s gold medal can be backed up by the numerous videos I have posted on my Instagram account of her losing her sh@! because Harvey won’t walk when she is holding his leash.



We’d love to hear what you, your dog, or toddlers would win Gold in?