Harvey drank Erin’s pee tonight.

I’d been thinking about starting a blog now for a while and after what happened last night I finally decided to forego my free time at night and give it a try.

Like any full-time working mom (with a husband who works nights) weeknights can be quite hectic.  By the time I’m done cooking dinner, feeding Erin and Harvey, cleaning the dishes and taking Harvey out to poop for the second time in less than an hour (do all bulldogs poop this much?), I’m completely exhausted.

Last night, after all of the above activities were complete I finally sat down on the couch to put up my feet for a few minutes.  Erin was playing in her playroom while Harvey laid down in front of his bed.

In no less than two minutes after sitting down, I glance over at Erin and she is in full squat just peeing.  I bit my lip and didn’t yell, even though I wanted to.  I couldn’t believe she just popped a squat in the playroom and let it flow! Granted she’s 3, but she’s rarely had any accidents.

I grabbed Erin and ran upstairs with a pee trail following us.  I peeled off her wet, smelly clothes and tossed her in a bubble bath.  I ask, “What happened in the playroom?”  She responds with “I had to pee.”  I couldn’t really argue with that response, instead I just tried to reiterate the importance of using the actual toilet.

I ran back downstairs to clean and disinfect the playroom.  To my surprise Harvey was sitting in front of the scene of the accident with a shit-eating grin on his face, or should I say pee-eating grin, since there was no longer a puddle for me to clean up. Ew.

Yeah he just drank Erin's pee

         Yeah he just drank Erin’s pee


Needless to say Harvey was next to receive a bath followed by myself.